About ClinicFinder

ClinicFinder is a website that can help refugees, migrants and the people who support them find information about free, non-government, healthcare and medical services.

It provides key information about the nearest health clinic based on your location or you can search a specific location. The Find Clinic By Service button can be used to find a specialist service, for example if you are pregnant.

If you want to find out more about a health problem, you can visit the National Health Service website which has information available in over 80 languages.

Do you know a clinic?

If you are aware of a service that can offer free healthcare and medical aid, we encourage you to use the Add New Clinic Info function.

We will then simply double-check the details you have entered before making it visible to everyone.

The website will use information from a variety of organisations, recognising that in order to be truly effective there must be a collaborative effort.

Who We Are

Mdm f24ddd06dc54ac8fe18d07529883ea1795ca8a8fdc8872bcc8fa711bede62fd9 Doctors of the World UK

Doctors of the World UK, part of the international Médecins du Monde network, believes in a world in which all vulnerable people receive healthcare whether they are affected by poverty, exclusion, war, natural disasters or disease. As a whole, Médecins du Monde operates over 300 projects in more than 70 countries to increase access to health services to those in need.

Danyu 470901b71ebfc8bddd531f797340e1ac57e1c73d5ce998bf8bf7957324c86f21 Daniel Yu

Daniel Yu is the founder and CEO of Sokowatch, a distribution and data-collection network for small stores in the developing world. Daniel developed the idea behind Sokowatch while living in Sinai, Egypt and northern Jordan where he witnessed availability issues for basic products. Prior to founding Sokowatch, Daniel worked as a programmer and attended the University of Chicago where he focused on International Studies and Arabic.


For any questions or to find out more please contact Tom McKenzie at tmckenzie@doctorsoftheworld.org.uk .

To report any technical issues with the website please contact Daniel Yu at daniel@sokowatch.com .